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The Cosmos in my Atom
By Sushil Soni

The outer is the reflection of the inner. Mind comes first, matter comes later. Things are made in spirit More..

12th May 2014| 0 comments | Read Post

The Essence of Sanatan Dharma
By Pt R K Sharma

Religion is visible in many forms and colour, but this appearance, in reality, is something else. That whi More..

12th May 2014| 0 comments | Read Post

Wonder Oils for Health
Lakshmi Singh|

Research has shown that smell, the most acute of our senses, has a powerful influence on our mind and soul More..

12th May 2014| 0 comments | Read Post

The Source of Inner Strength
Barbara Birggs

The source of courage and inner strength springs from the one unified source of power, wisdom and energy i More..

12th may 2012| 0 comments | Read Post

Scientific Proof of Miracles of Prayer
K K Bajaj

Prayer is tuning of our mind, our personality, our understanding of ourselves to God, or the divinity with More..

12th May 2014| 0 comments | Read Post

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